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What You Get

  • Actionable Ideas

    Each week you get a succinct list of new actionable ideas that provide advanced (a.k.a early) entry and exit points in leading stocks and the global macro arena.

  • We Provide The

    Our only goal is to make you money in the market. If we don't, you are free to cancel anytime (no contracts).

  • Psychological Analysis

    You've heard of fundamental and technical analysis and are probably still not getting the results you want. Our founder, Adam Sarhan, coined the term Psychological Analysis for capital markets. His approach is based on the notion that- Price is a function of perception. Contact us to learn more

  • Powerful Results

    Our goal is to capture the bulk of the move- not pick the exact top or bottom. Get better ideas in the markets you trade. Our exclusive ideas are not available anywhere else.

How To Get It


Analyze Wall Street is a division of Sarhan Capital

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